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Projects and Performances 

Performing: Projects


Richard Alston

A renowned piece choreographed for the dancers at Rambert during the period of Richard Alston being creative director, we worked very closely with Alston in the short duration of 3 weeks to produce a re-staging of the second half of Roughcut. 

Terms and Conditions

Alice Herzog

Nominated and performed in BA2’s showcase of the few top choreographies in the year, this is a dramatic narrative duet danced by myself (right) and Hope Obrien (left). 


BA2 student film

This collaboration explored the blessings and curses of being neurodivergent, specifically in dance. Performer/choreographer - myself, video editor - Willow Jehu, sound editor - Leora Mcnamara, director - Asher Norridge. Video contains exerts from the film.

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